How-To: Log on to a Domain


Many companies and organizations connect their desktop and laptop workstations to a Domain. This type of network configuration allows system administrators to centrally manage users and settings across the entire company or organization with a service known as Active Directory (AD). On Windows workstations logging in to a Domain is slightly different than logging on to a home computer or other computer that is not a part of a Domain.


  1. Log off of the computer, or restart the computer
  2. Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE
         The logon screen appears
  3. Click Switch User, and then click Other User
  4. In the User name: field, type your domain and user name in the format domain\user
         For example, to log on to the domain
         with an account named User01, type company\User01
  5. In the Password: field, type your domain password
  6. Click the arrow, or press ENTER


If you try to log in two times without success you should contact your system administrator as many companies' Domain policies will lock your account after three unsuccessful login attempts. You may also contact DNS by submitting a ticket at Submit a request or by sending an e-mail message to

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