How-To: Book a Meeting Room in Outlook 2010


Meeting rooms are often set up as resources in an organization's e-mail and calendar system to help facilitate scheduling of physical resources. It is important to understand how to add these resources to calendar events in order to avoid double-booking and to improve inter-office communication. This article offers guidance to assist when scheduling meetings using Meeting Rooms within Outlook.


  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click New Items
  3. Click Meeting
  4. Click Rooms...
  5. Select All Rooms from the drop-down list
  6. Scroll down the list of Rooms until you find the room you wish to book
  7. Add the Room by double clicking the name of the room
  8. Click OK
    - The Meeting Room is now listed in the To field as a recipient
    - The Location field has also been automatically populated
  9. Add additional recipients in the To: field as needed
  10. Type a Subject for the meeting
  11. Type a brief overview of the meeting in the message Body
  12. Set the Start time
  13. Set the End time

    NOTE: In the bottom right of the meeting request you will see a field called Suggested Times, if there is already a booking in the room at that time, it will let you know and suggest an alternative time for you on the same day in this box.

  14. Click Send

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