Link Epicor Database to UPS WorldShip

Link Epicor 10 Database to UPS WorldShip 2016


1. Configure the UPS WorldShip ODBC on the machine. I have already configured the machine's ODBC to EpicorTest10 not the Live database.

2. Launch the WorldShip Application 

3. Click on Import-Export tab and choose Create/Edit Map

4. Under New Map, Choose Import from ODBC Database 

5. Change the Map Type to: Shipping 


6. Name the map and click on Create

7. Highlight the source DO NOT double click: in this case highlight Epicor Test UPS (it's pointing EpicorTest10) NOT the live database

8. Type the ID:  sa- Read and Write    sar Read Only

9.Type the Password:

10. Click Ok and the following screen will appear:

All Done!


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